Tuesday, 8 October 2013

L'Office - Paris, 9th Arrondissement

L'Office serves fresh modern French food in the 9th arrondissement.  It is a tiny restaurant and we were lucky to get the booking for 9:30pm.  Yes everyone eats late here, there were even people coming in at 11! 
I found this by reading French food blogs and wanted to go to a similar restaurant called Septime but couldn't get a reservation.  It is supposed to be one of the must go to restaurants for foodies as it is a new type of cuisine they are serving up in a chilled environment.

There were only 2 guys running the show and the chefs downstairs, hence service a bit slow.  We sat by the stairs so saw each plate as they came up from the kitchen.  The dishes are clean and simple with that French flair and clever combination of flavours.  I think the owners are apparently American, hence we noticed a few Americans in the house.  Yet there were quite a few locals too.
Again the menu was only written on the blackboards and it was a set menu, this time for 33 Euro for 3 courses.  No amouse bouche or starter though.
Overall it's a good restaurant to try but I kind of was expecting better from all the blog reviews I read. 

Ok, my entrée was this the "saumon" tartare.  As you can see, these chunks of salmon are pretty big.  This is the best tartare of salmon we have ever tasted!  So clean.

Below, entrée of assorted mushrooms.  Very earthy tasting.  They did taste like they were just picked from the French woods, hahaha.  The hazelnut went really well too.  I'm usually not a nut person when it comes to nuts in dishes.  Snickers, yes, in a salad, not really.

My main of duck breast was ordered apprehensively as we had eaten a lot of duck over the past weeks, but seeing as there was only 3 options, to me this sounded the best.  And, lucky it didn't disappoint of turn me off duck.  It was absolutely delicious.  The mini turnips with the stem still on presented nicely and added a bit of zhusj.  The cucumber however could have been given a miss.  The winner was the duck, cooked to perfection and with the salty risotto it sat on, was a mouthful of satisfaction.

Ok, so even now with a bit of a fancy camera, I could not for the life of me get this pork main to focus.  Maybe it was saying something.  "I'm not worthy of a shot. . ."  All I can remember was ordinary.  Lucky it wasn't my main, haha.  Poor husband.  It was ok, the gnocchi and eggplant additions helped it along.

Dessert time!  I wanted the ricotta soufflé but it was sold out.  Damn.  So I got this runny concoction of chocolate and sesame something or rather.  It was nice.  Nothing fancy.  I thought it had sat on the pass for too long but when I saw the next one come up the stairs it looked exactly the same as mine.

The cheesecake dessert was nice.  Not too cheesy and was more like a brulee.  Looked pretty though.

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