Thursday, 17 October 2013

Au Jardin - Paris, 9th Arrondissement

Just a quick show and tell as I must get a move on with my holiday food posts.  There is still so much I want to show you guys.
This is another neighbourhood restaurant in the cluster we kept on walking by.  It had snails on the menu so we went in.  It is pretty hard to find snails on menus must not be as popular as it used to be I think.  And we didn't see frogs legs anywhere.  I don't think it was the right season for them.
This is what we ate.  The food was simply presented, good quality and traditional French.  It was delicious and filling.  Service was good and had no problems with ordering.  A cute restaurant with mainly locals.

The snail entrĂ©e below in a yummy roast capsicum tomatoey sauce with a parmesan crisp.  The snails were already taken out of their shell.

The eggs baked French style were perfectly cooked and had the great mushroom flavour through it.

The dish doesn't look great but it was a tender piece of beef with a cocoa sauce, which was the reason I chose this main.  Never had that combo before and lucky it worked! 

Guinea-fowl main below.

Pretty full so we decided to share the cheese platter as we never usually order this, as it's kid of an old people thing don't you think?  Anyway what better city to try an array of yummy mature cheeses?  All of them were really strong, went well with the different wines we tried.



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