Friday, 18 October 2013

Le Mestruet - Paris, 2nd Arrondissement

This was a great find online.  It was close enough to our hotel, but in the next arrondissement.  I love how everything is so accessible in Paris by walking, and even better if you're on a bike.  Le Mestruet is traditional Parisian bistro that is always busy, so we were lucky to get a reservation for a table a few hours before.   There were a lot of tourists but also heard  lots of Frenchie speaking peeps too.
We had a drink at the bar first.  The attentive and fun waiters made this a great and memorable last night in Paris for us.  Plus it was the night that we felt like we were going to burst with food and alcohol!  I think the huge desserts put us over the edge.  Lucky we had a 15 minute walk back to the hotel to walk it off a bit. 
Our very own bottle of olive oil to "leoube" our bread with.
Cold pea soup with peppermint and basil.  Had to give it a go and it was really refreshing a great way to line the stomach.  If I had a heavier entrĂ©e I really would've burst!
This was the potted rabbit.  We had to order a protein that was a bit out of the norm.  And I'm glad we got this.  The meat was soft and flavoursome.  Hubby didn't like the gherkin so I happily ate that with the rabbit and bread.  Deee - licious!
Chicken with wine and fig sauce and custard tart.  The custard tart was the thing that made me order this.  It was in fact an eggy quiche which was rich and creamy.  I could not finish this.  Don't worry, no wastage though as my human vacuum cleaner always finishes my leftovers :)

Hubby ordered one of "Grandmother's Favourites".  The traditional creamy veal stew with baby onions and pilaf rice.  Again this was so creamy and rich, the meat so soft.

Ok, so this is the "not for small appetites" dessert, it actually says that on the menu.  Traditional Paris Brest pastry with praline flavoured cream.  This was to die for.  Looking at this now I could eat two of them, but that night. . . O M G!  More richness!  I guess this was what we wanted the whole trip.  Rich, buttery French food and my goodness did we get it!

And I ordered the macaron of strawberries with cream and vervain liquer, which I think from a quick google search is a liquer produced in the Alps. . .  Anyway this was a big, damn fine macaron that had to be eaten with a knife and fork.  I think I was in a food coma when this came out, hence I just noticed that as a food blogger/stylist (haha) I should've turned the macaron around to the non cracked side first before snapping away.  Jokes aside, this was truly yum.  The macaron had the strawberry flavour in the pastry along with the intense strawberry filling.  The cream mellowed everything out into mouthfuls of heavenly sweetness. 

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