Monday, 1 July 2013

Barrio Chino - 30 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross

I have eaten here about four times now and so I thought it was time to write my review about this place.  It's nothing to rave on about but at least it's consistent.  It's Asian fusion Mexican you could say.  A wierd combo, but I know of the owner and he is Chinese with other joints under his name, Fei Jei and Bayswater Diner which is just opposite this place.

I suggest going here during the week when it's less busy so you get more attention from the staff as it can get hectic and noisy.  On this night we have one very genuinely nice  and attentive waiter and another waitress not so much as she asked us with attitude "is that all we were ordering?" not knowing we had already ordered the first lot of food with the other guy.  Then she realised and kind of apologised.  Still.

Not sure if you will notice but these pics have been taken with a proper camera and not my iphone!  Much better looking!

Ok, so here is what my husband and I ate. . .

We started off with Botanas which is snacks, in Mexican.  It was the Botanas specials night.

3 Queso Grilled Jalapenos, $4 - The little jalapenos packed a punch and was great with the 3 cheeses melted on top, not sure what cheeses they were but it was nice and creamy with the right amount of saltiness.  Could have had double the amount for $4, as it was only 2 halved peppers.  Tiny.

Salsa Picante Wings, $4 - Nice and saucy with the dipping mayo to mellow out the heat of the wings.  Pretty yummy.

Kingfish, prawn and squid ceviche tostada, $4 - Tiny but I knew they were going to be.  It was fresh and zingy and the crunch of the tostada makes it a great combo.  That is why I ordered the tuna tostadas.

Tuna tostadas, $14 - For $3.50 each they better deliver and they did!  This time however was the first time it was a large chunk of tuna on top instead of like a tartare of tuna.  I prefer it this way so you can taste the tuna more.

Crispy potatoes, ancho chilli salt and chipotle mayo, $6 - Had to have a filler.  Not so crispy, but it was the mayo that lifted this dish from plain to better than average.  Needed more of that stuff though.

Taco Carnita, $ 6 - Prune and garlic braised pulled pork with char grilled pineapple salsa.  These are pretty good, and the pineapple is just bordering on too much, as it nearly over powers the pork which is already sweet with the prune flavour.  I reckon they should be $3.50 each, not 6.  Plus the three chilli sauces are a great addition, all you need is a bit.  The hottest one is far left and the mildest the green looking one. 

 Overall Barrio Chino is a restaurant/bar that won't go out of fashion soon, yet isn't the newest and hippest place to be.  The food is consistent and the vibe is good, you shouldn't be let down if you do go.  Try the weekly special nights for better value.

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