Sunday, 27 May 2012

What and who I loved from Fashion Week 2012 - Day 5: LF MARKEY!

Ok, so it's been a while and still can't get my photos off my hardrive for this post but I need to post it now or it's just going to look dumb if I post this any later.

So Day 5, the final day.  Not being bias but my friend Louise Markey showed for the first time in the Next Generation 2 Show and I was delighted to be invited along.  Her label LF Markey focuses a lot on the staple silhouette of the shirt.  She shows her off impeccable skill of re-inventing these basics with fine detail and style.  I love that she is never trend driven but still has a modern take on things which is refreshing after looking back at all the shows.

Louise after graduating first in our year went to London to study at Central Saint Martins for her Masters.  Along with designing her label LF Markey she is also the Head Women's Designer of the shirt label Thomas Pink owned by the LVMH group.  

We always knew she was talented and we are all very proud of her for all her accomplishments so far.

Here is the only pic I have from the show at the moment but I do have an exclusive Q & A with her below that I asked her after the show:

Awesome black and white print in an easy to wear dress silhouette

BFC:  What do you hope to achieve from showing at fashion week this year?

LFM:  I wanted to show in Sydney to introduce my label to my home country and start the process of selling to Australia. I have had some great support in past from Australian retailers, such as the wonderful Blonde Venus, and want to grow on that.
BFC:  What is your design philosophy?

LFM:  My label has been described as a mix of formality and playfulness. Simplicity, comfort, bold colours and practicality are key traits of my clothes.

BFC:  What inspires you?
LFM:  I draw inspiration from a variety of sources. I often start from a basis of utility clothing or workwear and build on that by looking at art, antique clothing and usually something fun that makes me laugh. At the moment I'm really getting into 90s surf-wear.
BFC: What is your advice for young designers on how to succeed in the industry? Or is it not about succeeding?
LFM:  My advice is to stay true to yourself, know your customer, think outside the box, and work bloody hard.
BFC:  What collections are you working on now?
LFM:  Now I'm working on the European editions of SS13 menswear and womenswear, which will be based on what I showed in Sydney but with heavier fabrications.

If you want to see the collection here is a link to see her fabulous show:

Monday, 21 May 2012

Green tea panna cotta

From 85c bakery and cake shop.
392 Anzac Parade, Kensington

This was a yummy dessert. The green tea flavour was strong, texture was firm but creamy and it wasn't sickly sweet. I'll be getting this again for sure!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

What and who I loved from Fashion Week – Day 3 & 4

Alice McCall is a fave of mine also and was my pick of day 3.  She designs with a femme, boho style but also combines a bit of rock and roll also.   Although this collection seems to be more pm than am pieces and a bit older than past seasons and to me looks like she was inspired by milkmaids amongst tulip fields in the Netherlands :) Since the launch of her label in 2004 she has become internationally known and has a big following abroad and here in Oz.  Here are my fave looks from the show:
Love this cute outfit.

Beautiful white shift with floral detail
Love this blue jumpsuit with cut out/mesh detail.

Coming in close was Bec and Bridge who also studied at the uni I went to.  Their styling was great and really embodied the summer lovin’ sexy Aussie girl.  I loved their prints.
Sexy outfit, want this peplum tank now!

Sexy splits with beautiful print, perfect for summer!

What and who I loved from Fashion Week – Day 4
We are Handsome – a swimwear label that started in 2009 is famous for it’s one pieces with bold, photographic prints of the designers childhood and inspiration.  
Awesome skirt!

Cool, but not game enough to wear this.
Hot with a pair of denim cut offs.
Love the rose balconette.

Worth a mention was Jenny Kee and her art driven prints displayed in a very unique way.  In fact it was styled by the Romance was Born duo.  Here are a few pics.  Love how it’s so out there!
So cool!
So much work!
 All photos are from

Sunday, 6 May 2012

What and who I loved from Fashion Week – Day 2

This was an easy one.  ZIMMERMANN is by far the label that I will always want to be dressed in and therefore the most anticipated show for me.  As I mentioned earlier in my blog, my first foray into the real world, fashion industry long before uni and my own rag trade experiences, I took the opportunity in Year 10, 1995, to do a week of work experience with this fashion label.  It was a small studio with just Nicky Zimmermann, the pattern maker Genevieve Smart (now one half of Ginger and Smart), PR/Marketing, Marie Claude Mallat (now the director of her own company MCMPR) and Simone Zimmermann who looked after and still does, the business end of things.  I was in awe of Nicky’s hand sketches, the bolts of fabulous fabric everywhere, paper patterns hanging on the long steel rack and seeing the beautiful samples in the showroom,  I didn’t mind buying their coffees each morning!  All jokes aside, I really was hooked from then on and knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Since then I have developed  a love of Zimmermann's sleek, sexy, innovative swimwear and how Nicky always masters the mixing of femme shapes with edgy detail to their otherwise constant pretty colour palettes. 
Anyway here are some of my “to die for” looks from Zimmermann's collection titled “Clique Clique”, styled by one half of Mania Mania, Tamila Purvis.

Love the subtle floral print!

Making a red splatter print pretty, who would've thought!
Open knit sweat with laser cut skirt - LOVE!

Pure swim genius!

Sweet as!
I want this to add to my dress collection!  Love their splicing every season.

Cute as!  Especially on Rachel Rutt.  Almost the same surname!
Very cool.
My fave look of the collection!  Genius!  Even more genius than a whole lot of other clothing designers.
My other two faves from Day 2 were:

- By Johnny, a much more muted colour palette than I expected after his Summer ’11 collection but nevertheless it was chic and for the cool girl when she needs to dress up.  I loved this mauvey pink and white peplum pencil skirt in a hand drawn striped print. 

Sporty and chic
- Magdalena Velveska is definitely targeting an older market and not what I would usually go for, but I love the detail and the femme tailored look.  It has spunk to it.  Magdalena was in my year at uni and has worked for many other famous Aussie designers such as Lisa Ho and  Akira Isogawa before starting her own label in 2009.  She has garnered quite a following.  I love this look below and would totally wear this.

Love the neon lipstick & detail in ths flowy pencil skirt shape.

 All photos in this post are from

What and who I loved from Fashion Week - Day 1

-->From what I’ve read and heard, this years’ fashion week was a definite success and after 5 days and over 50 shows later I am way impressed with the Aussie talent.  

Bloggers and online buyers outnumbered the traditional store buyer.  Bloggers from around the world were invited to the shows and buyers from my fave online stores Shopbop and Net-a-Porter where here for the first time too.  Maybe one day I could be one of those front row bloggers :)

Anyway these are my highlights by day.  I just couldn’t bring the whole week into one post of all my faves.  I’m struggling to keep down the loves for each designer as it is! 

Day 1: 

- Romance was Born was the offical event opener.  It took on a comic character look with pop colurs and cut out words of "RWB" and "BLAM" carried by the models.  They partnered with Marvel Comics to create their famous photo prints and it worked fantastically to create a colourful and imaginative collection.

This photo courtesy of 4th and Bleeker - Fab shift dress. - Love this jacket and skirt.

-          Gary Bigeni put on another colour injected collection.  I loved the neutral colours with not overly bright colours.  A move on from the primary coloured blocking trend.  It was a youthful  yet mature collection.  I loved the following looks. - Tomboy pretty. - Love this look.

-          Manning Cartell showed looks that were bold in silhouette, colour and texture but had some really great engineered and floral and botanical prints. I loved the navy metallic and leather jacket with the cute floral shorts and the boy fit pants, slim at the bottom with horizontal stripes. - Want this jacket! - Want these pants.

-          Ginger and Smart continued the orange and pink colour combo well and mixed it up with some really cool colourful digital prints.  I loved the pastel apple mint outfit with shoulder ruffle emphasis.  The modern, chic and effortless aesthetic coming from these two sisters is something that I can see myself buying into if I had lots of money to spend! - Love this look! - Want all this now!

-          Ksubi the cult label showed a masculine, urban almost futuristic collection.  The highlight for me was the printed palm tree denim skinny jeans and Bambi looking hot as usual! - Want these jeans.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012

ZIMMERMANN had their Spring/Summer 12/13 show today offsite at Koskela (another great Aussie success story).

Here is one AMAZING bikini from the collection!  Zimmermann is my all time fave Aussie label.  My first work experience experience was with Nicky and Simone Zimmermann when I was in year 10 and have been a fan ever since.

Anyway I will be writing about fashion week this weekend when it's all wrapped up and I will be in a very lust worthy state of wanting the latest pieces from all the fabulous designers.

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