Sunday, 17 June 2012

All you can eat Japanese!!!

Wasabi Bistro - Shop 6B-8, 417-431 Bourke Street, Surry Hills

Some weeks ago my husband and I went and ate all that we could Japanese style. I bought a voucher and it was all you can eat for only $59.  We went on a Sunday night and the restaurant was still pretty busy.  The service was attentive and seeing as we had a voucher I was kind of thinking we might get overlooked a bit or they night ignore us as we were ordering pretty much every 10 minutes for the 90 minutes that the voucher was valid for.  We were told this at the beginning so it was clear what we could do, which was pretty much “order as much as you wanted and eat it in 90 mins.”  If you did not finish anything you ordered you had to pay for it.  As if that would happen!  Haha!

This is what we ate minus the edamame beans which I forgot to take a pic of, but you all know what they look like. . . 

Natural oysters with salmon roe and shoyu and lemon - fresh!  7.5/10
Mixed sashimi of tuna, salmon and kingfish - nice big pieces!  9/10
Salmon sashimi x 2 - so delish!  9/10
Agedashi tofu - Had lots of sauce on the bottom which I liked a lot! 8/10
Beef tataki - A little bit chewy and not as neatly presented as I hoped. 6.5/10
Salmon carpaccio - So good with the red onion and mayo. 8/10
Seared salmon nigiri - my fave sushi. 8/10
Wagyu beef steak - The meat was tasty but too much of the Yakisoba sweet sauce. 6.5/10
Teriyaki salmon, good portion and standard taste. 7/10
Chicken karage, quite disappointed, not crunchy enough and again too much Yakisoba sauce.  The brown sweet sauce. 6/10.
Dessert, green tea ice cream with tea leaves sprinkled on top.  Flavour was great but texture a bit icy.

Towards the end of our 90 minutes, the manager came over to us as said since we were eating quite a lot (really?? haha) would we be interested in purchasing another "All-you-can- eat" voucher for the same price through the restaurant rather than Groupon, which by the way receives 40% commission!  So we thought why not, service was good, ambience was good for a casual dining place and we had not even tasted many of the other dishes like the Okonomiyaki pancakes or the Donburis or the Dynamite roll!  I think we ate more than double what we paid, so overall, it was great!

I recommend Wasabi Bistro for some standard pretty tasty Japanese dishes at reasonable prices.  No stand outs but a good option to satisfy that craving of sashimi or salmon.

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