Sunday, 6 November 2011

House Thai - Northeast Street Food - 202 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

House Thai - is a relatively new Thai place in Sydney.  It has no stir fries or the usual red, green and Panang curry on the menu.  It is based food from the Issan region in the North Eastern part of Thailand. The same chef that opened Spice I am another epic Thai joint opened up House and has made it different enough that it doesn't matter if you have Thai for dinner 2 nights in a row as the tastes are very different.

I love it as it is open from 11:30am daily til late.  No closing after lunch and waiting til 6pm for dinner, therefore no queues and the bonus is that it is a big place that is behind  a pub.  So my husband could get a beer and bring it back to the restaurant area, a big bonus for a guy. 

We ordered the Kor Moo Yang - grilled pork belly with Jim-jam dipping sauce - 8/10, the grill flavour is amazing. 

Followed by a Tom Mua Tum which is a spicy soup with slowly cooked beef, lemongrass, ginger, basil, mushrooms, lime leaf and chilli. Served in a brass pot with a jelly like heating device thing underneath to keep it piping hot. It was a beautiful balnce of sweet, salt and sour. Not heavy at all and very refreshing for a warm Saturday evening. The beef was fall apart delcisiousness with just the right amount of fat left on.

Then we had the "house special" Steamed Chicken Curry - which was totally different to what I was imagining. It came out wrapped in banana leaf and when we opened it up it smelt so good! It was like a steamed rissole. Bits of chicken with lemongrass, chilli and I think it was dill and a whole heap of other spices and herbs. It was relatively small serving, but it was enough for us.  Mmmmm!

I am definitely going back, so many more interesting things to try such as the Mackerel dip with veges.

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