Sunday, 29 April 2012

Romance Was Born

A fortnight ago I was lucky to be able to go to the Cleo Bachelor of the Year Party at the new Marquee nightclub at the casino.  I didn't have anything to wear and so I needed a dress, pronto!  I had my eye on this Romance Was Born dress from a little while ago and went back to the store to get it and lucky it was the 2nd last one there and in my size!  It's my first Romance Was Born piece and alas romance was born!  I am in love with my dress!  The beautiful digital print on stretch silk satin, bold jewel like colours in a long raglan sleeve shift silhouette was perfect for the Autumn night time. 

A quick run down on this Sydney born label. . . . Designed by Aussie duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales the label is 6 years old and season after season they create collections that are quirky, colourful and beyond trends.  They have collaborated with Sportsgirl and now costume designing for the Sydney Theatre Company as well.  They are super creative and I wish I had as many creative juices flowing 24/7 as they do. 

Here is my dress from the other night teamed with my Badgeley Mischka gold sparkle peep toe platform pumps (my wedding shoes which I didn't think I would wear again so soon, thank-you metallic trend).   And following are some shots from Romance was Born to show how they styled the same dress from their latest Autumn WInter 2012 collection called "Happy Campers".  Much quirkier than my styling.

Love this jacket!

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