Sunday, 1 April 2012

Organic kale frittata

Went to the growers markets yesterday and bought two cute, dark forest green bunches of kale and decided to make today's breakfast with them.

I have never eaten kale before.  And just like I assumed, it tastes like spinach.  Kale is high in calcium and we absorb it twice as much than we do from milk!

I added one large clove of garlic, one finely sliced onion, one red chilli, one can of cannelini beans, the finely chopped kale, four eggs with a bit of milk and fresh parsley and oregano. And just for a bit of naughtiness to this otherwise healthy frittata, some grated tasty cheese on top which browns nicely when you finish off the frittata in the pan under the grill.

Easy, pretty healthy, good way to start the day with a good ol' cuppa tea.

Try it!

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