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What and who I loved from Fashion Week 2012 - Day 5: LF MARKEY!

Ok, so it's been a while and still can't get my photos off my hardrive for this post but I need to post it now or it's just going to look dumb if I post this any later.

So Day 5, the final day.  Not being bias but my friend Louise Markey showed for the first time in the Next Generation 2 Show and I was delighted to be invited along.  Her label LF Markey focuses a lot on the staple silhouette of the shirt.  She shows her off impeccable skill of re-inventing these basics with fine detail and style.  I love that she is never trend driven but still has a modern take on things which is refreshing after looking back at all the shows.

Louise after graduating first in our year went to London to study at Central Saint Martins for her Masters.  Along with designing her label LF Markey she is also the Head Women's Designer of the shirt label Thomas Pink owned by the LVMH group.  

We always knew she was talented and we are all very proud of her for all her accomplishments so far.

Here is the only pic I have from the show at the moment but I do have an exclusive Q & A with her below that I asked her after the show:

Awesome black and white print in an easy to wear dress silhouette

BFC:  What do you hope to achieve from showing at fashion week this year?

LFM:  I wanted to show in Sydney to introduce my label to my home country and start the process of selling to Australia. I have had some great support in past from Australian retailers, such as the wonderful Blonde Venus, and want to grow on that.
BFC:  What is your design philosophy?

LFM:  My label has been described as a mix of formality and playfulness. Simplicity, comfort, bold colours and practicality are key traits of my clothes.

BFC:  What inspires you?
LFM:  I draw inspiration from a variety of sources. I often start from a basis of utility clothing or workwear and build on that by looking at art, antique clothing and usually something fun that makes me laugh. At the moment I'm really getting into 90s surf-wear.
BFC: What is your advice for young designers on how to succeed in the industry? Or is it not about succeeding?
LFM:  My advice is to stay true to yourself, know your customer, think outside the box, and work bloody hard.
BFC:  What collections are you working on now?
LFM:  Now I'm working on the European editions of SS13 menswear and womenswear, which will be based on what I showed in Sydney but with heavier fabrications.

If you want to see the collection here is a link to see her fabulous show:

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