Friday, 2 August 2013

West Juliett - 30 Llewellyn Street, Marrickville

Lunch is the time to explore new places to eat instead of eating at your bloody desk all the time.   A colleague of mine suggested this new café, not so new now as this post is so overdue.  West Juliett is one of those cutesy, DIY, natural, organic vibed cafes.  Very reminiscent of what's happening in this part of town like The Grounds and Kitchen by Mike but much cosier.  It is known as a breakfast café, but lunch I must say from reading other reviews is the way to go for me  so I can give you a review of non breakfast offerings.
Anyway as usual I was starving and so in order to taste not just one dish individually we shared two and I'm glad I did.
We opted for the 12 hour roasted pork sandwich and the Greek style beef soup.  I was too excited that I didn't take a pic of the menu to remember what I actually ate.  All I can say is that I am not a sandwich lady, I prefer heartier hot meals, I think that's down to my Asian upbringing.  So after eating this sambo I am converted.  If someone made me a sandwich with fresh, great quality ingredients, preferably with soft shreds of pork and fab mayo, I would  happily eat them for lunch every day.


For double meatiness, the beef soup was really tasty.  The broth was thin but delicious!  Not too light as the big chunks of fall apart meat and potato filled me up quick!  The fried sage reminded me how much I liked this herb.  It also came with two big pieces of soft brown bread and a small block of butter that I used to mop up every last drop of this soup.

There's a great counter filled with baked goodies, but I was too full to sample any.  My colleague got one of those huge salted choc bikkies to go and of course I had a bit when it was arvo tea time, how could I refuse?  And gee was it yum.  That perfect consistency of soft and crunchy and the dash of pink salt on top.
I for, the life of me cannot remember how much it was but I can confidently say it's reasonable, the servings are a good size and the food is just so fresh and tasty. It doesn't leave you feeling a bit regretful that you ate so much.  You will leave feeling happily satisfied.  I will be back for a coffee and sweet baked treat.
If you're heading Marrickville way, make some time for this low key joint.  You will be glad you did.

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