Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hong Kong - Hot pot yumminess!

So it's been quite a while since I have had time to blog.  New job, holiday to Hong Kong and China and then another work trip again to the same countries!  Lucky I like travelling and Asia!  I'll post the interesting experiences only, there were too many little things I ate, which were fabulous but I didn't take photos of everything despite being a snap happy person!

Here is a post about hot pot lovin'!  Even though it's the middle of summer now, I think this will still interest you.   It was supposed to be winter in HK but it wasn't that cold.  Neverthless we, my dad and I went hot potting with some good friends who are locals.  They took us to Gold Medal Hot Pot, in Jordan on Austin Road. 

Seafood fresh from the tanks in the restaurant for all to view.

The sashimi chefs slicing with precision!

 The variety of different stocks to choose from.

A sample of the dishes on the menu.  It's not just hot pot things either.

To start there is a whole tray of condiments that you customise you plate of soy sauce with. You do this first as they take the tray away as it takes up too much room.
The condiments from top left:
Coriander, fresh garlic, shrimp paste, seasame seeds, shallots, green and red chillis, fried garlic, chilli oil/paste and the last in the bottom right corner, have no idea what it was.

This is totally fresh King Prawn sashimi!  I've never had prawn sashimi.  The idea of not cooked shellfish scared me.  But it is just that fresh, it won't make you sick at all.  It was so sweet, delicious with a bit of wasabi and soy.  I think you can even see these suckers in my photos of the fish tanks above!  I even think the antennae things were still moving!  Uggh!

There are so many different stock soup bases to choose from to get the hot pot going.  This was one was tomato, beef and potato base.
This was the beef to flavour the stock, put in right at the beginning to flavour the stock. I ate a piece at the end and it was very tender. Don't eat this at the beginning as it would be hard still.

Some dumplings,we got a few types, some beef and seafood balls and dried tofu.

Fresh tofu.

Close up of the seafood balls.  The red ones on the bottom are the beef ones, my favourite.  Very dense but very flavourful after being cooked in the stock.

This fish is grouper.  The huge fish is only available on Friday's, Saturdays and Sundays, so that they make sure the whole fish is consumed.  On a weekday, not all of the fish would be eaten by customers and therefore won't be fresh.  I didn't really like this, especially not the tough skin.  It tasted a bit dirty and fishy.

These wierd looking sheets of curled tofu were so delicious.  They are hard and crispy but once you dunk the lovely things into the stock and it soaks up and softens up, it is an interesting texture, half soft and soggy but still has bite to it.  It tastes like salty tofu.  I'm going to look out for this in Chinatown next time my family decides to have a hot pot.  So good!

Thin pork slices.  Very yummy, cooks in seconds!  Dunked in the soy mixture, it is so tasty.

This is razor clamfish.  I've never had or seen it in Sydney, but only on Rick Stein's cooking show.  It is a very popular seafood here.  A quick dunk in the stock and the white flesh curls up, with a quick dunk in the soy it goes into my mouth.  It tastes like sweet calamari.  Quite nice.

Thin beef slices, so delicious and only take seconds to cook.

Of course compliementary fruit.  A small orange cut up beautifully in it's own peel ready to eat.

Also this dessert, the mochi ball.    l love these!   I can't believe we got this, it's just like an after dinner mint in individual wrapping, so cute!  Mine was green tea!  Lucky me!  I loved it.  Great way to finish off a hot pot.  I was so full at the end of it all and I needed something sweet.  I thoroughly liked the different variety of things to cook here and it is super affordable too! 

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