Sunday, 6 May 2012

What and who I loved from Fashion Week – Day 2

This was an easy one.  ZIMMERMANN is by far the label that I will always want to be dressed in and therefore the most anticipated show for me.  As I mentioned earlier in my blog, my first foray into the real world, fashion industry long before uni and my own rag trade experiences, I took the opportunity in Year 10, 1995, to do a week of work experience with this fashion label.  It was a small studio with just Nicky Zimmermann, the pattern maker Genevieve Smart (now one half of Ginger and Smart), PR/Marketing, Marie Claude Mallat (now the director of her own company MCMPR) and Simone Zimmermann who looked after and still does, the business end of things.  I was in awe of Nicky’s hand sketches, the bolts of fabulous fabric everywhere, paper patterns hanging on the long steel rack and seeing the beautiful samples in the showroom,  I didn’t mind buying their coffees each morning!  All jokes aside, I really was hooked from then on and knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Since then I have developed  a love of Zimmermann's sleek, sexy, innovative swimwear and how Nicky always masters the mixing of femme shapes with edgy detail to their otherwise constant pretty colour palettes. 
Anyway here are some of my “to die for” looks from Zimmermann's collection titled “Clique Clique”, styled by one half of Mania Mania, Tamila Purvis.

Love the subtle floral print!

Making a red splatter print pretty, who would've thought!
Open knit sweat with laser cut skirt - LOVE!

Pure swim genius!

Sweet as!
I want this to add to my dress collection!  Love their splicing every season.

Cute as!  Especially on Rachel Rutt.  Almost the same surname!
Very cool.
My fave look of the collection!  Genius!  Even more genius than a whole lot of other clothing designers.
My other two faves from Day 2 were:

- By Johnny, a much more muted colour palette than I expected after his Summer ’11 collection but nevertheless it was chic and for the cool girl when she needs to dress up.  I loved this mauvey pink and white peplum pencil skirt in a hand drawn striped print. 

Sporty and chic
- Magdalena Velveska is definitely targeting an older market and not what I would usually go for, but I love the detail and the femme tailored look.  It has spunk to it.  Magdalena was in my year at uni and has worked for many other famous Aussie designers such as Lisa Ho and  Akira Isogawa before starting her own label in 2009.  She has garnered quite a following.  I love this look below and would totally wear this.

Love the neon lipstick & detail in ths flowy pencil skirt shape.

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