Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fab finds!

I have finally started a Pinterest account. It's a fantastic idea (wish I thought of it :) to share images you found on the net or you can upload your own images for all to see. It's like the Instagram on line for people like me who don't have iphones, but still a bit different as you can access and pin images from any site that allows it. So you can post professional photos from editorial shoots to the latest dress from ASOS that you love and pretty photos from the excessive amount of creative blogs out there in cyberworld.

It's great as I want to share pictures I've found and not have to write about them as I do on this blog. It is great for designers as I can trawl through everyones pin boards and create my own inspo boards for work or for any project I'm working on. It would've been great for my wedding preps as I saved so many photos for ideas but could only view them as small thumbnails together and not together as I can on Pinterest.

You can check out my boards here:

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