Thursday, 5 January 2012

I must, I must, make this cake one day!!!

Ok, so here is the recipe for "LEMON CHEESECAKE" from Mrs Short, not Berry Cheesecake as I have been calling it! Haha, name shmame, it's so good! So a delcious cheesecake recipe for all who actually bake. Maybe one day I will be not be lazy and actually use my brand new cake tin with spring thingymijig to make this, it's been sitting in my kitchen cupboard from,well, say the xmas sales of 2009???

Anyway it's so creamy with the lemon tang but not the tangy tang that makes your left eye wink a bit and twitch for a second, but the mmmm sort of tang with a lot of yummy sweetness! The berries are just extra goodness, just to make it more healthy! :)

500g original Philadelphia cream cheese
1 cup condensed milk
4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons cider vinegar
1 cup thickened cream
Extra cream to decorate and sprinkle of nutmeg
Biscuit crust:
20cm springform cake tin
225g Arnotts Nice biscuits
110g butter
Place Arnotts Nice biscuits in a food processor until biscuits become fine crumbs
Melt butter, place in biscuit crumbs and mix well then press firmly onto side and base of cake tin
Place in oven to lightly brown, cool thoroughly
Bring cream cheese to room temperature then beat with heavy beaters until smooth
Add condensed milk, lemon juice and vinegar. Beat until creamy. Fold in whipped cream, pour into crumb crust
Refrigerate overnight
Decorate with extra cream and sprinkle with nutmeg

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