Sunday, 11 December 2011

The world of blogs. .

Lately I have had the time to read so many blogs both very inspiring, thought provoking and some just pure damn evil! Evil as in posting photos of very lust-worthy objects such as these LV bangles. . .
. . . . and then evil as in “that pork bun is to die for and looks so fantastically yummy I want it right now as I sit at home on this cold summers day and did I say I am also very very hungry?!”
Photo of David Chang's pork buns above courtesy of

I have not taken my blog too seriously thus far and want some ideas on how to make it a bit different. The only way that I think is to post photos that are eye catching, trigger a positive thought straight away, make you smile and also write words that are entertaining and contribute in some way to you, the reader, whether it be telling you about a great restaurant or showing a rad photo that is far out and inspiring.

While discussing my blog the other night with friends one of them suggested that to incorporate my love of fashion and food more, why not write a section in each restaurant review about what to wear to this restaurant. You know, like would I be able to get away with thongs or do I have to wear something quite dressy to not look like a homeless person amongst the other diners? And I thought great idea! So once I write my next restaurant review I will definitely try this new element out.

Feel free to post a comment and leave your thoughts on what I could do to make this blog a bit different to the others. Not that I need to just thought I’d put it out there. It is just purely for my hobby, I write and post what I want to and hope people like it. And eventually maybe I can make money from it! Now that would be awesome!

Happy Sunday arvo people, until next time!!
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